Chapter 1 - Why are we here?

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"You ever wonder why we're here?" Simmons asked. He is standing on the roof of their simple, round, military base, overlooking the first half of the canyon they were stationed in. In the middle was a slight hill, preventing them from directly seeing the blue enemy. As always, Simmons' maroon army suit was gleaming as if he'd buffed it this very morning. Which he did nearly every day. At least once. Grif, in his dirty orange suit standing opposite him, took a little time before reacting.

"It's one of life's great mysteries, isn't it. Why are we here? I mean, are we the product of... some cosmic coincidence or, is there really a God... watching everything? You know, with a plan for us and stuff. I don't know man, but it keeps me up at night."

Simmons was momentarily struck speechless. He just stared at Grif, seeing the reflection of his own armor in the visor of Grif's helmet. Grif looked back, doubt entering his mind.
"What?" Simmons finally replied, "I meant why are we out here, in this canyon?"

Grif suddenly felt really awkward for his previous answer. "Oh, uh... yeah."
"What was all that stuff about God?"
"Uh... hm? Nothing." Grif said hastely, pretending it didn't happen. But he already knew it wouldn't slide that easily with Simmons.
"You wanna talk about it?"
"You sure?"

Finally, Simmons did let it slide. He still was troubled by what was bugging him in the first place. "Seriously though, why are we out here? Far as I can tell, it's just a box canyon in the middle of nowhere, with no way in or out."
"Mhm." Grif conceided.
"And the only reason that we set up a red base here, is because they have a blue base over there. And the only reason they have a blue base over there is because we have a red base here."

Annoyed by the simple answer to that, Grif replied "Yeah, that's because we're fighting each other."
"No no, but I mean, even if we were to pull out today, " Simmons ranted on "and they were to come take our base, they would have two bases in the middle of a box canyon. Whoop de fucking do!"

Grif had to agree on that point. "What's up with that anyway? I mean, I signed on to fight some aliens. Next thing I know Master Chief blows up the whole Covenant armada, and I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere, fighting a bunch of blue guys."


Church was looking down the scope of his sniper rifle, lying down on the ground on a ridge at the side of the canyon, concentrated watching the reds doing nothing really. He suddenly was aware someone was speaking to him.

"What're they doing?" asked Tucker, lying right next to him.
Tucker repeated, more slowly this time "I said what're they doing now?"
Anger filled Church. "God damn, I'm getting so sick of answering that question!"
Tucker, in his turqoise suit, retorted immediately "Hey you have the fucking rifle, I can't see shit. Don't bitch at me because I'm not going to just sit up here and play with my dick all day."

That did seem to cool down Church a tiny bit. "Okay, okay look: They're just standing there, and talking, okay? " Church was still annoyed at the interruption though. Sarcastically, he continued "That's all they're doing. That's all they ever do, is just stand there and talk. That's what they were doing last week, that's what they were doing when you asked me five minutes ago. So five minutes from now, when you ask me "What're they doing?" my answer's gonna be "They're still just talking, and they're still just standing there!"

Tucker looked at Church, with a sky blue gear, letting this sink in. Church started to turn back to where his rifle was pointing. Then Tucker said "... What're they talking about?"

Church let out a disapproving sigh and shaked his head. "You know what? I fucking hate you." Ignoring the question, he looked down the scope again.


"Talk about a waste of resources. " Grif went on "I mean, we should be out there finding new and intelligent forms of life. You know, fight them."
"Yeah, " said Simmons "no shit. That's why they should put us in charge."

They both flinch when suddenly they hear an all too familiar voice from down below. "Ladies! Front and center, on the double!" booms the voice of Sarge.
"Fuck, me." Simmons quietly says to himself.
"Yes sir!" yells Grif as he starts to sprint down the ramp into their base.

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