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Struggle, pt. 4 - v2

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It all had went terribly wrong about two weeks earlier in Kjeladin, the capital of Lamarr. They had banned him from Lamarr on accusation of treason and attempt to assassinate the regent. Considering the charges, he got off lightly by just being banned, instead of a hanging. That must have been the work of Safira, a counciler of the province and his wife-to-be; they were supposed to get married the next day. Brandon was immensly grateful for the banning instead of the alternative, but at the same time he didn't like to contemplate what Safira had had to do to change the verdict accordingly.

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Struggle, pt. 4

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It all went wrong a couple of weeks ago, back in Kjeladin. It was the day before his marriage with Safira, one of the councilers of the province and also his wife-to-be. He could still get amazed how he had managed to get the attention of her. Him, just a hunter with unwashed half-long brown hair in a tail and gray eyes and then there was her, an astonishingly beautiful woman with long curly blond hair and blue eyes that seemed to be looking all the way through you, right into the deepest parts of your soul and conscience.

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Struggle, pt. 3

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Just before entering further in the woods, Brandon took a look at the sky and the sun, trying to guess what time it could be. From what he could tell, it was halfway the afternoon, which would leave him still a couple of hours before sunset. That meant he had enough time to walk further in the forest and still be able to built a secure shelter. Feeling stronger every minute he decided to get a good walk. Looking to the path, he noticed it was used more often than the one time someone had brought him the drink. Trying not to leave a footprint, Brandon managed to reach the path for closer inspection. There were several different footprints, and because of that, his' wouldn't be noticed easily. That would make his walk so much easier, and thus being able to reach further in the woods.

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Struggle, pt. 2

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After a couple steps, Brandon decided he hadn't recovered enough to walk all the way towards the trees. His legs were shaking under him from a sharp pain in his muscles. Mercifully he allowed himself to collapse on the warm sand and waited a bit, until the pain in his legs started subsiding away. When he felt he could move a bit again, he started to walk on hands and knees, which was considerably more comfortable. With the dream still fresh in his mind, he took a good look where he would enter the forest, trying to take advantage of some of the dunes for a bit of cover. The footprints in the sand were going in a near direct line towards the edge of the forest, but his route would go a bit more to the left, although Brandon didn't want to stray too much from the footprints.

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Struggle, pt. 1 - updated

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So there Brandon was, lips cracked, tongue feeling like the sand he was laying on, hair all salty and sticky, clothes ragged. If you could still call them clothes, that is. He somehow had managed to find shelter under an upside-down little boat, else he would have been roasted by the blazing sun long ago. It was all he could do, the moment he washed ashore, before he would pass out. Shelter in the trees would have been a couple of 100 feet further away, but you never knew what dangers they would present. In the state he was in, it would have proven to be fatal.

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